Sun Horse Energy: Adaptogenic Benefits that are YOUnique

Sun Horse products are formulated with adaptogens from three different continents. The adaptogenic benefits are profound and totally unique to each person who takes them, based on what you personally need more of – or less of – in your own body, at the moment you’re in.

The first benefit is often enhanced brain function. We’ve done measurements and we found that you can often produce more alpha brainwaves, such as those found in deep meditation, so that you’re clearer.  Also, you’re clearer-headed in dealing with stress, simply because adaptogenic products lower stress hormones – or raise peaceful response systems in your body, giving you a fighting chance when things reach critical mass in your life.

Stress is not a bad thing – in fact, it’s actually necessary in our lives, but too much stress causes all kinds of problems. It’s been shown in many research papers that the cells are able to handle stress much better with the use of Sun Horse’s adaptogens.

Another common benefit everyone will appreciate is increased libido. Sun Horse helps at the cellular level to maintain your health, and a healthy organism wants to make more healthy organisms. It’s just that simple. You have cellular health, and when you need that intimate energy, that energy is there. It’s true with people of all ages; everyone seems to notice that they’re just more available and in tune with their body and its natural response to intimacy.

The next thing commonly found is more energy on every level.  In general, that is what these special, global, adaptogen herbs do.  They work at the cellular level.  If you have a little bit of a sluggish thyroid for example, you start functioning better. If your adrenal glands are sluggish, they can start functioning better. Likewise, if your bowels are a little sluggish you start having better bowel function. It just depends on where your system is a little down, that’s where you’ll feel improvement.  Or if you find you’re too amped up to sleep, you’ll come down where needed.  The magic of adoptogens is that they are responsive to your unique, personal body.

Another benefit is being stronger by building more muscle. There are only three types of foods: proteins, carbs and fats. Building muscle depends on how well your body uses protein as building blocks for this purpose. We know that some of these herbs enhance protein utilization by up to 30%, meaning that you build more muscle eating the same amount of food.

Sun Horse is like more cellular energy in your gas tank. You’re going to have the energy to go to the gym, take your wife out for the evening; whatever you want to do, you’ve got energy to do it.

Sun Horse Energy means healthier cells and a healthier you.

Have your best day every day.  Adapt and thrive.

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