Adaptogenic Herbs For Epilepsy

Researching adaptogenic herbs for epilepsy? There are 3 million people in the U.S. that have active epilepsy and another 2 million that suffer from other disorders caused by seizures. For these 5 million children and adults, a couple adaptogenic herbs–bacopa monnieri and holy basil–have shown promising results in medical studies, greatly reducing the number of active seizures.

Now, before getting into the details of the research, here’s a disclaimer about these two herbs: although Sun Horse Energy is an elixir comprised of adaptogenic botanicals — from  three different continents — to help your body restore its natural homeostasis and adapt to stress (hence the term ‘adaptogen’), bacopa monnieri (or ‘bacopa m.’) and holy basil are not presently included in the formulation for Sun Horse Energy.

That being said, though, the formula for Sun Horse Energy can indeed be a possible benefit for anyone that suffers from seizures or epilepsy!

As for bacopa m., as reported in Gaia-Health, a study in the Journal of Biomedical Science concluded that this ayurvedic treatment (barcopa m. is known as ‘Brahmi’ in classical Indian medicine) for epilepsy, found in wetlands, demonstrated the ability to completely eliminate seizures in rats.

Similar to how whole tea leaf powder (commonly referred to as ‘matcha tea’) is far superior in antioxidant quality than regular tea bags, whole-plant bacopa m.’s efficacy of is only maximized when the whole plant is used.

How does Bacopa M. work?

The active component in the whole plant (roots, stems and leaves) that seems to keep seizures at bay is Bacoside-A. Bacoside-A, researchers concluded, stimulates GABA, which keeps neurons from over-firing.

Is Bacopa M. safe?

Yes! Again, only if administered in a natural, unprocessed adaptogenic herbal formula or tincture. Though there are pharmaceutical/allopathic medicines and treatments available for seizures, there is concern that some of these anticonvulsant drugs can have side effects, namely, impaired cognitive function. (What’s the point in being free from seizures if you’re otherwise neurologically impaired?)

Is Bacopa M. effective for anything else besides seizures and epilepsy?

Yes. Though based on mostly anecdotal medicinal folklore and limited medical studies involving stem lines and rodents, bacopa m. has shown myriad positive effects , including:

  • cleansing & detoxification
  • antiinflammatory
  • cognitive (may improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s)
  • tumor reduction
  • anxiety and depression improvement

Like nearly all other medicinal plants, bacopa m.’s benefits are not limited to just one positive outcome.

And keep in mind that bacopa m., besides also commonly known as ‘brahmi’, has over a dozen other aliases, including ‘water hyssop’ and ‘herb of grace.’ There have been reports that bacopa m. can also alleviate symptoms of ADHD, some allergies, as well as irritable bowel syndrome.

Are there any side effects to bacopa m.?

All medicinal plants, not just pharmaceuticals, have potential side effects and bacopa m. is no different. The most cause for concern is low blood pressure/slow heart rate. There may be other side effects that affect the lungs and ulcers so do not self-medicate with bacopa m. (If you have any questions about interactions or side effects, please contact us

Holy Basil

Related to the common basil plant used in many recipes, holy basil has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to treat several conditions and ailments. Rosmarinic acid is the main antioxidant found in holy basil and may be the main component of holy basil that has been shown to reduce epileptic fits and seizures.

Published medical research on the efficacy of holy basil on seizures includes this study in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, which concluded: “Different extractives of stem, leaf and stem callus of basil were tested for anticonvulsant activity against standard drug phenytoin using maximal electroshock model. Basil ethanol and chloroform extractives of stem, leaf and stem calli were effective in preventing tonic convulsions induced by transcorneal electroshock.”

An elixir for all types, including those with epilepsy

To reiterate, our current Sun Horse Energy adaptogenic elixir formula does not contain bacopa m. or holy basil. We will in the future work on a specific formula for those who suffer from seizures and/or epilepsy, but it bears repeating: our current formula found here can help everybody adapt to modern day stressors and keep the body’s system functioning within a state of optimal homeostasis.

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