Adaptogens for Low Testosterone in Women

We admit it … we made a gross marketing error in labeling Mojo 8.5 “Men’s Total Health Formula.”

Many women can also benefit from taking Mojo 8.5. That’s because many women are actually low or unbalanced in the male sex hormone, testosterone.

How do you know if you’re one of the estimated 10-15 million women in the U.S. that have low testosterone (aka “Low-T”)? You can visit your doctor and get a blood test. Other professionals trained in functional diagnostic testing, such as a naturopath or chiropractor, can also dispense a test kit that takes a sample or your urine.

Symptoms of low testosterone in women

But even without getting diagnostic confirmation first, there are several tell-tale signs that you could have low-T. This includes:

  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty burning fat and building lean muscle
  • Thinning hair
  • Moodiness (including anxiety)
  • Depression
  • Lethargy and difficulty concentrating
  • Vaginal dryness

Perhaps one of the most well-known symptoms of low testosterone in women is a loss of interest in sex. Low libido as a result of low-T is not only a common physiological result of menopause, premenopausal women may also be suffering from low-T.

Sure, if your husband has packed on 50 pounds, snores, and watches TV too much and doesn’t help around the house, we wouldn’t blame you for having a diminished libido, at least not with him! But a stale marriage to a neanderthal of a husband notwithstanding, if you have no interest in sex whatsoever, with your husband, or in general, you may have low-T.

According to Boston University School of Medicine, the first study showing a link between low libido in women and low-T was in 1959, however, the association in the mainstream medical community has been slow to accept this fact.

Historically, a woman’s concern with testosterone was limited to having too much testosterone, manifestations of which include infertility, facial hair and acne. The endocrine paradigm of women being overly concerned with having too much testosterone—and thus being in danger of growing a beard—is starting to finally tilt towards concern about not having enough testosterone.

If you have any of the aforementioned symptoms of low-T, the question for a woman then becomes, “OK, I think I have low-T … so what should I do about it?”

Low-T solution for women

There are many solutions for increasing testosterone. But many are temporary “Band-Aid” fixes that don’t address the root cause of low-T. The root causes of low-T in women may include anything related to chronic stress, from poor diet, to prolonged mental/emotional stressors, lack of exercise and other stress-reduction therapies.

Keep in mind that a hormone diagnostic test may not provide you with a critical piece of information. Most testosterone tests only provide a total testosterone number, but don’t really tell you the total picture of free testosterone, and where that free testosterone is in the body.

Quick fixes for low-T in women include creams, pellets, and other forms of synthetic hormones and replacement therapy. These methods, however, do not necessarily solve the low-T problem in the long run. Some of these solutions for low-T in women also may have side effects.

All-natural remedy for low testosterone in women

Mojo 8.5 is an-all natural adaptogen formula that can help normalize testosterone levels in women, without having to worry about dangerous side effects.

[New to adaptogens? Read this short article: Why are Adaptogens Good?]

Not all herbs are considered adaptogens. Only a few herbs out of a few thousand medicinal plants are considered adaptogenic. This means they are totally safe and non-toxic and carry out multiple functions, one of which is to regulate hormone levels.

Here at Sun Horse, we like to use the analogy of adaptogenic herbs being like construction site supervisors for a new building, let’s say a skyscraper. It’s estimated that there are about 35 trillion cells in the body. Even if you eat a nutrient-dense diet comprising entirely of so-called ‘superfoods,’ the vitamins and minerals from your food don’t do a great job telling your cells what to do. Think of the vitamins and minerals in this case as thousands of workers who show up to the job site ready to build the new skyscraper but don’t know where to begin or exactly what to do.

That’s where adaptogens come into play. The adaptogenic herbs in Mojo 8.5 are the construction crew foremen, telling the cells exactly what to do, in order to get the job done.

Getting the job done in terms of human physiology means getting the body to a state of homeostasis, where everything is normal, including androgen levels (testosterone). Some of the adaptogens in Mojo 8.5 will not only instruct the cells to increase production of testosterone, but also tell the cells where the testosterone is needed in the body.

Click the bottle of Mojo 8.5, below, to learn more…

All-natural solution for low testosterone is Sun Horse's adaptogenic formula, Mojo 8.5, perfectly safe for women!

Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, we’ll have changed the label and removed “Men” from the product description of Mojo 8.5!

Conclusion: Adaptogens are a Safe Remedy for Testosterone Deficiency

When it comes to women’s health, the focus has been placed, perhaps, too much, on estrogen. This is especially true of peri- and menopausal women’s’ concern about low libido and breast cancer. Hormones aren’t to be treated like vitamins. You can’t pop a few pills of testosterone in your mouth like you can vitamin C and hope for the best. Hormones are an intricate, delicate, phenomenon of chemical messengers. The reason you may have low-T may just be because your cells aren’t getting the message. Mojo 8.5 was formulated specifically for your cells to say, “Message received … let’s boost the ‘T’!”

But, sorry, if your husband is like the one described above, Mojo 8.5 can’t do anything about that.

Improve your Testosterone Naturally & Safely: Get Mojo 8.5

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