Adaptogens, what do real people say?

Last post I talked a little about the history of adaptogens, the amazing medicinal plants that can elicit a broad array of healing actions inside your body. These actions can be “bi-directional” and help revive sluggish systems, say perhaps, digestion and metabolism to act more efficiently, and at the same time tone down other potentially overactive systems, for example, the adrenals and stress hormone production. In a way, these herbs are like our own little doctors that get to the root of the issue right away. During my years of research and experimentation, I have encountered a lot of solid proof that we can rely on adaptogens to help our overall well being. In this regard, I would like to share with you some experiences that people have sent us. This is what really inspires and motivates us all at Sun Horse. Real people with real experiences that are life-changing. We would like to share with you some of these amazing stories.

We’ve had our Sun Horse Energy products out since 2010 and I keep getting blown away by the letters and emails we get – not to mention the great face to face conversations where people have completely redirected their once tiresome issue to a progressive step forward in ‘Not Just Surviving, but Adapting and Thriving’.

The personal feedback we get from people who use Sun Horse formulations keeps us stoked! When we hear their stories, in their own words about the results they have achieved, we are more inspired than ever in our mission to make Sun Horse formulas the best adaptogenic elixirs Available!

Here are some great ones, but there are lots more here.


As an aid worker I have to operate in extremely challenging conditions and stay both mentally and physically fit so I use Sun Horse products to help provide optimal performance that allows me to thrive and keep my edge in disaster zones.

Bruno F.

Bruno was helping some friends move and was about to take an energy drink when somebody offered him a Sun Horse Elixir. After trying it he said, “The results were amazing. I was revitalized. I had lots of energy, and I did not crash.” He helped move his friends into an upstairs unit for 5 hours and never felt tired or groggy. Since then he’s been taking Sun Horse daily and notices increased stamina, concentration and strength – especially during weightlifting. He reports lifting 40% heavier weights and better stamina during aerobics.

Alissa S.

Alissa’s experience is a little like mine, but maybe even tougher. She was leading tsunami relief efforts in Sri Lanka and contracted Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

After a long search for help and feeling nearly hopeless, I found a doctor who suggested Sun Horse. I started taking Thrivagen . “It is truly lifesaving/ life restoring. I have dealt with the ramifications and relapses of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever for the last 11 years and your product has helped curtail some incredibly severe relapses.”


Hi:) My name is Mary. I am a 56 year old active woman with a healthy, active lifestyle. I love to do yoga, lift weights and walk with my friends. You can solve a lot of the world’s problems while walking and talking! (haha) I started taking Sun Horse Energy about a year ago after hearing about it on one of Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof podcasts. Let me tell you it is a great product. I have more energy, less mood swings and slept better about 2 weeks after I started taking it. I work part time as a house stager and then I take care of grandkids a couple days a week. I noticed after taking Sun Horse Thrivagen for women that I really did not get that late afternoon slump and my cravings improved as well. I highly recommend this product. I can’t wait to try their new product NanoMojo!! Warm regards, Mary M Georgetown , TX

Moriah Cameron

As a consequence of neurological Lyme disease, I suffer from seizures. They are not epileptic seizures, but rather they are typically triggered by being startled by sight, sound, and smells.  For example, lightning, sirens and perfumes. For over a decade, my house has been my only safe haven and I’ve not been able to do things normal people do largely because of the seizures. A friend of mine who is a nurse encouraged me to try hemp oil. The first couple brands I tried did not help the seizures. She encouraged me to keep trying different brands (strains) until I found one that helped both the pain and the seizures. I “happened” to see Dr Tom O’Bryan’s FB live on Cannadapt and ordered some. It is truly working for me!! I cannot remember the last time I have had a seizure and I’ve attended a wedding, a funeral, and church. These are things I haven’t been able to do in many years! I’m getting my life back and I know it’s because of this great product. With much appreciation, I thank you for helping me be me ?

These stories and so many others motivate me and the Sun Horse Energy team to continue to make Sun Horse Adaptogenic Health System, the safest and most effective, purely natural way to help you manage stress and power through your most chaotic days. No more fear of a stressful day when Sun Horse Energy comes your way.

Next up: more about dealing with everyday stress and getting a good night’s sleep.

Until then, ‘Don’t Just Survive, Adapt and Thrive’™.

To find out more visit the Sun Horse Energy Store.

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