What do you think are the best supplements for energy?

Popping pills, pounding cups of coffee, guzzling energy drinks … the options are seemingly as limitless as the sun’s energy. The energy drink market alone is predicted to exceed sales of $20 billion in just a couple of years, and that staggering figure doesn’t count energy supplements. With so many choices out there, how do you know what’s the best supplement to boost your energy?

It’s 3 p.m. during the workweek and about an hour ago, you sat at your desk and scarfed down a turkey sandwich. So why, suddenly, do you feel like taking a nap? If only the company you worked for was one of those hip techie outfits that believed in nap pods. Nope … no nap pod for you; you’re going to have to fight fatigue for at least a couple more hours before you can clock out.

Maybe an energy boost of some kind would help? But what kind?

Obviously, a can of a name-brand energy drink would give you a boost, but with 50 grams of sugar, it could very well induce a diabetic coma!

There are much safer natural superfoods with energy-boosting micronutrients that can give you a low-glycemic buzz. But there are so many of them to choose from: guarana; spirulina; maca; oleifera; exotic berries (goji, acai); ginseng; ginger root; yerba mate; nettle leaf, etc….

And what about caffeine?

Be it yerba mate, green tea, or convenience-store energy drinks, all three of these highly popular drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine alone may indeed boost your energy. Caffeine may also, in moderation, be beneficial for health,(natural caffeine) as recent medical studies have concluded it has beneficial antioxidant properties.

Caffeine alone, is definitely better for a quick boost of energy than an energy drink with dozens of grams of sugar, additives and chemicals, commonly found in most convenience-store energy drinks.

Best Supplements for Energy: Food?

Can eating more food help? Though food isn’t technically a supplement for energy, let’s consider it anyway….

The answer to the question, can eating more food help with energy is, maybe. Let’s revisit that turkey sandwich you had for lunch. Chances are high that the bread isn’t real bread, that is, thick dark whole rye bread, that is in and of itself, a meal; your bread is probably nothing more than quick-burning carbohydrate, even if it’s 100% whole wheat. The veggies in the turkey sandwich may have consisted of barely any nutrition: iceberg lettuce and an uninspiring, unripe tomato slice. At this point, it doesn’t matter if the turkey meat was wild-caught from your backyard … the lack of the nutrition, including the absence of healthy natural fats, is the reason you’re exhausted one hour after lunch.

Boost your veggie intake. Boost your natural fat intake (avocado, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil). Limit carbs that burn too quickly such as bread. Start your morning off with a blend of green veggies and coconut oil in the blender.

Energy at the cellular level

Eating balanced meals that include copious veggies, natural fat and lean protein will give yourself a much better chance of preventing afternoon fatigue. If you need that afternoon natural jolt from coffee, that’s ok. If you’re craving a snack, try a handful of walnuts and berries.

If you want to cut down on coffee and don’t know which superfoods to add to your diet to boost energy, consider a natural energy supplement that combines several superfoods in one.

Best supplements for energy: adaptogens

Adaptogenic elixirs combine antioxidants and other herbs that power the cells; they don’t merely initiate a quick burst of energy through the firing of neurons that comes with potentially harmful energy drinks that could make the heart beat excessively and raise blood pressure higher than optimal levels.

If you power your cells, your body’s myriad systems benefit; the result is a natural energy boost without the jitters.

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