Kava Root: Better Than A Chill Pill

How a Pacific Islands pepper plant calms the mind, stops overthinking at night, reduces anxiousness and helps overcome social awkwardness….

Would you enjoy sitting cross-legged, staring across from somber, fierce looking men, scantily clad in loincloths, and drinking with them, from a communal bowl, a muddy-looking, yucky-tasting concoction well into the wee hours of the night? 

For backpackers, surfers and intrepid travelers, no trip to the Pacific Islands, and especially the Melanesian island nations of Fiji and Vanuatu, is complete without imbibing in the communal drink known as kava. 

Kava, aka kava kava is made from crushing the root of the Piper methysticum plant, a member of the pepper family. The root is then strained through water, yielding the dull, chocolate milky looking liquid that plays a prominent role in Pacific Island ceremonies. 

Drinking kava is to Pacific Islander culture what beer, barbecue and high school football is to Texas. Part religious offering, part social lubricant (although it’s non-alcoholic), part folk medicine, kava is a mild narcotic. Drinking several rounds of it is like a trip to the dentist to have a cavity filled; it numbs your lips and tongue. 

Kava has gained popularity in the West. In cities all over the U.S., trendy kava bars have sprouted, giving drip coffee bars a run for their money. But there’s more to kava in the west than mozying up to a bar for the mild numbing effect—without the hangover of booze. Kava is increasingly becoming a natural viable alternative to benzodiazepine drugs for stress-induced anxiety and insomnia. 

But what can a kava-curious consumer do during a pandemic? Unless kava bars have outdoor seating, most kava bars around the country are most likely in sleep mode. And more to the point, is there a way to enjoy and benefit from kava without the messy, muddy, revolting affair? What if you don’t have a tanoa (bowl), tau’anga (strainer) and ipu (cup) at home nor friends to enjoy a cuppa kava with?

KavaLift: Helps You Chill Out Without Making You Feel Like A Zombie

Dan Moriarty, founder of Sun Horse Energy, has taken the Cadillac of kava and added it to the Global Resonance Formulation—13 stress-neutralizing adaptogenic herbs. The result is KavaLift

KavaLift: 13 adaptogens + Noble Kava: Chill Out & Stay Alert!

KavaLift helps take the edge off without getting you drunk or stoned. And the best part is if, say, you’re studying or doing work at night, KavaLift will not negatively affect your cognitive performance. If anything, you may experience greater concentration and focus. After all, if your mind is naturally and safely numbed from anxious thoughts, you’ll have more energy to focus on the things you want to focus on.

In addition to easing the mind and anxiousness, kava is used to ease pain (which is why more NFL players are embracing it), as well as spasms and menstrual difficulties.

KavaLift tastes nothing like the traditional drink.

But just like every type of herbal supplement, not all kava is created equal. KavaLift contains “Noble Kava”, widely regarded as the most superior kava cultivar on the planet, because it contains the highest amount of kava’s active compounds called kavalactones. (KavaLift contains 94 mg of kavalactones per serving.) 

But let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let’s learn how kava works….

Kavalactones: Nature’s Bennies

Kavalactones are the main active chemical compounds in the kava shrub. Of these class of compounds, two of them possess the strongest anxiolytic effects (anxiousness-reducing). If you’re keeping score at home, they are kawain and dihydrokawain. 

Kavalactones have something in common with CBD. CBD is commonly touted as the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis sativa plant. But it’s not entirely true that CBD is non-psychoactive. It may not get you high, but it does affect the mind, which is what psychoactive means. 

CBD can help the mind relax and that’s exactly what kavalactones do. They directly affect the limbic structure of the brain; this is where kavalactones exert their chill out potential. The limbic area of the brain is the seat of emotions, mood and instinct. 

Moreover, kavalactones activate the chemical neurotransmitter, GABA. The more GABA activated in the brain, the more relaxed you are. GABA is a so-called inhibitory neurotransmitter. 

That’s because it blocks excitatory brain signals. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about something. If you get a promotion at work (of if you’re likely enough these days to have work and get a raise), then great! Let those stimulatory neurons fire away. 

But when you’re mind is racing all day and you can’t shut it off at night, that’s no good. When GABA attaches to its receptors in the brain, it’s like a big chill pill for your nervous system. Kavalactones are the catalyst for providing a GABA boost and a calming effect. If you’re stressed out, feeling anxious and fearful, kavalactones may act as Mother Nature’s alternative to benzodiazepine drugs. 

One research study says, “The combination of GABA modulation … contributes to feelings of physical relaxation with … no deleterious effects on cognition.” In other words, kava can help you feel chilled out without affecting your judgement like alcohol or pot. 

You’re likely at least somewhat familiar with the feel-good chemicals, dopamine and serotonin. Kavalactones have been shown in some research studies to increase levels of both dopamine and serotonin as well as noradrenaline, a neurotransmitter that helps the body respond to acture stress.

Does Kava Work For Anxiousness?

Cochrane reviews are the gold-standard of research meta-analyses (more than one research study). One Cochrane review looked at seven randomised clinical trials (RCTs) using kava (with a dosage of 60–280 mg kavalactones) for the treatment of generalised anxiety symptoms. (KavaLift, if you’ll recall, contains 94 mg of kavalactones per serving.) The review found a significant reduction of anxiety on the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A) for kava compared with placebo. 

Another review of six additional studies concluded the same

Want more research on kava? Here’s 101 results.

Are You A Wallflower? The Social Lubrication Powers Of Kava

The year 2020 may not be a great one for attending parties. That might be good news for introverts. But hopefully and eventually, social-distancing will be a dystopian experience that will come to an end. And if you’re somebody who experiences social anxiety, KavaLift can be your magic bullet. 

Taking KavaLift may peel away your inhibitions. But it does so without the embarrassment of the proverbial crazy uncle wearing the lampshade as a hat. You may find that it’s easier for you to converse with people. But you don’t have to worry about slurring your words and acting a fool. 

Try KavaLift For 30 Days, Risk Free. Limited Supply, Order Now.

As of this writing, Sun Horse Energy is offering KavaLift at $10 off the regular price. Because we are a small family business making each batch of adaptogenic formulas ourselves, we have a limited supply of KavaLift but high demand. We expect to sell out and we’re not sure yet when we’ll have more of it because of disrupted supply chains from Vanuatu, from which the kava we use, the best in the world, originates. 

Click here to be taken to the KavaLift page. 







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