COVID-19 Q&A With Sun Horse Energy Founder Dan Moriarty

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it would be best if you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth (pardon the pun) about how adaptogens support the immune system, even against a highly-contagious virus. 

Has your supply chain been affected by the pandemic? How is inventory … can people still order Sun Horse Energy adaptogenic formulas? 

Dan Moriarty (DM): Our inventory is solid right now. And we’re ordering more and more herbs because we want our pipeline to be filled to max capacity. 

We also have 1,000 bottles each of 2 new formulas we’re going to introduce any day now: Lung Protection Plus and Mojo Cardio, both of which are actually very helpful for what’s going on in terms of viral response. 

Before we get into discussing these new formulas, how does the novel coronavirus attack the immune system?

DM: Viruses attack the cell. They spike protein into the ACE-2 receptor (the host cell receptor responsible for mediating infection by SARS-CoV-2; learn more here.) 

Viruses commandeer the mechanism of the cell and make a multitude of viral copies. So you have to work with your cells first of all to have healthy cells, which also includes healthy immune cells, which in turn means having a sufficient amount of Natural Killer (NK) cells. 

If you don’t have enough NK cells, the number of which diminish as you get older, you don’t have the weapons necessary that can actually kill the infected cells. So here’s what happens. When you get infected with this virus, your cells become infected with this virus. Your cells become little virus-producing factories. Eventually, lung cells transform into virus-producing factory cells… 

The only thing that can deal with this assault is NK cells. NK cells recognize the cellular malfunctioning and attack the malfunctioning cells. The NK cells absorb and dismantle the viral factory. 

But if you don’t have enough NK cells, what happens is you get more and more virus-factory producing cells in your lungs until your lungs are completely infected. At this point, NK cell production attempts to ramp up. But at this point, the NK cells don’t just attack infected cells, they attack the healthy cells as well. Your own immune system is what kills you. 

If you have enough NK cells to take out the viruses at an early stage, there’s not that many infected cells your immune system has to deal with. 

How do adaptogens support the immune system even when confronted with a viral attack?

DM: Adaptogens work at the cellular level. This is the level at which viruses work. Adaptogens increase production of NK cells that are there at the initial viral attack. Adaptogenic herbs mobilize all aspects of cellular function to handle stress, regardless of where the stress is coming from. 

With adaptogenic herbs, your body may have an immune response of a younger person and elicit a balanced immune system response. This is an important thing to keep in mind: you want your immune response to be balanced. Many people automatically assume the correct immune response is a hyper one. However, as we’re seeing in the fatalities with the novel coronavirus, the immune response becomes out of control. It’s essentially the immune system that kills, not the virus itself. 

Another important thing to remember about how adaptogens work is that they help regulate the body’s response to stress without causing any physiological damage. Stress reduces the immune response. Stress is a killer. Two out of every three diseases of every kind are precipitated by unrelenting stress. 

Should people be taking extra doses of adaptogens these days?

DM: I don’t think it’s necessary. Just make sure you’re eating a super healthy diet … food is your medicine; make sure you’re eating enzyme-loaded natural foods. Get plenty of sleep, sunshine, fresh air and moderate exercise. And, of course, stay away from others and keep practicing social distancing…

Also, make sure you have sufficient vitamin D, zinc, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin A. These nutrients are the ones proven to have potent viral-fighting capacity. But especially make sure you’re supplementing with vitamin D3 during winter and spring.

And take the adaptogens to keep your health up so you have a balanced immune system reaction. 

What is a balanced immune system reaction?

DM: That means your immune system doesn’t overreact and underreact. Once you’re exposed to this virus, your body will react to it in a specific way. The virus produces inflammasomes, which tend to create all the problems. You need inflammation to fight a virus, which is why your body produces an inflammasome reaction. That’s good that this response kicks in. But you don’t want the response turned on and not have the switch go off. So you want a strong inflammatory reaction, but you want it to end in a reasonable time; if the trigger is stuck in the on position so to speak, that’s when you can die from a cytokine storm in the lungs. 

Why Does The Novel Coronavirus Seem Not To Affect Kids As Much?

DM: Kids’ immune systems react to everything because everything’s brand new; it might as well be all coronaviruses to a child’s immune system because you’re having to become immune to your environment. But as you get older and older, your body is pretty much used to everything. So your immune system is no longer in the learning stage. 

What If You Start Experiencing Symptoms?

DM: Then you want to use antiviral to tamp down the inflammation because you don’t want an out of control inflammation response. You’ll want to use antiviral specific herbs like those in Lung Protection Plus, which is a bronchodilator with 320 antiviral compounds. The herbs in Lung Protection Plus have been shown to be suppressive of SARS, which is also a type of coronavirus. 

Should People Use Lung Protection Plus Even If They’re Asymptomatic?

I wouldn’t take it prophylactically (as a preventative); I would save it for if and when I need it. So if you’re the average person, just have a bottle or two on hand for your family in case you need it. I recommend people should have one bottle of Lung Protection Plus and one bottle of CardioMojo in their survival kit. You want to prevent, protect and be proactive.  

How Can Customers Order Lung Protection Plus & CardioMojo?

Lookout for an email from Sun Horse any day now. We’ve made it easier for customers to order, offering several more pay platforms such as Apple Pay.

Interested in learning more about how adaptogens support a healthy immune system? Read our blog post.

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