How I Came to Develop Adaptogenic Herbal Formulas

I get asked a lot about where I got the idea to start Sun Horse Energy. Since my mother and my grandmother were herbalists, you’d think I got it from them, and I did, but not until a few other things happened. But, first things first. My grandmother fled Hungary during WWII. She settled in Michigan. She taught my mother the many secrets and benefits of natural herbs. My mom came to specialize in herbs for women’s health, creating formulations to help with issues like PMS and menopause.

Then I came along and became a dedicated surfer. I never really thought too much about the teas and formulations my mom and grandmother prepared from herbs.

One day my mom told me she wanted to meet relatives living in a Hungarian settlement in Mexico – three thousand miles down the coast in Colima state, Mexico. I offered to take her on this adventure along with my girlfriend.

Next thing I knew, she’d connected with other Hungarian expats from the old country and they formed a bond. I was surprised – well, shocked – when she said she was going to stay in the village and not return the USA with my girlfriend and me.

I made the long trip to visit her on a regular basis. On one trip I was camping with my girlfriend near an amazing surf break when I woke up with a searing pain in my shoulder.

A venomous scorpion had stung me. In minutes I had extreme difficulty breathing, uncontrollable salivation, and tunnel vision. I thought I was about to die.

A local fisherman and friend named Isidro who happened to be in our camp that night went to find help. Fortunately for me, he knew of a Huichol native who lived nearby and went to get him. This fellow knew exactly what to do. He quickly collected a root from a plant named Juaco that grew in the jungle — his “medicine chest”. He brought it to camp and made a tea from the root and made me drink it. Within minutes to my amazement, I was able to breathe freely again.

I have no doubt that this man and his plant remedy saved my life!

The next morning I told my girlfriend that I wanted to learn how to help people with medicinal plants. This happened in 1973 and I have been helping people with the earths natural plant treasures ever since. I continued down to Colima and told my Mom what had happened and she offered me some advice. She said “To be successful as an herbalist I should focus initially on just one class of herbs. After studying various herbs and their uses I decided that I could benefit the most people possible with the class of herbs that is now known as adaptogens.

I committed myself to learn everything I could about these amazing and well researched medicinal plants, and I became convinced that nearly everybody would greatly benefit from this amazing class of herbs. Their broad spectrum of healing properties is producing amazing and energizing results for people all around the world.

My research over the last forty plus years has led me to develop formulas that naturally protect and invigorate all systems of the body. That was our mission when we launched Sun Horse Energy in 2010 – to provide the highest quality adaptogenic elixirs possible, to help everyone deal with stress, and increase stamina and focus.

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Next Blog I’ll talk more about the specific health benefits of adaptogenic herbs. Hope you’ll join me.

Dan Moriarty, Sun Horse Energy founder

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