Don’t Fight The Feeling

There is a lot going on outside…and inside your body. Right? Seems we can all agree, it’s pretty complicated. It is real work just to stay healthy and feel balanced at times, and when trying to excel in performance, achieve fitness and work goals while balancing responsibility and recreation, many of us realize a little help is required. Maybe that is where adaptogens came into the picture for you. When you started taking these powerful herbs with tonic properties, you probably noticed some changes in how you were feeling, and it may have been different than what you expected. Depending on your situation, your body probably responded in one of several ways. Maybe you did feel energized, maybe you felt neutral, or perhaps a bit sleepy. What is going on there, and how can these herbs help you resist stress? To understand how you were feeling, it is first important to understand a little about how adaptogens work in the body.

Herbs in this class are like a tuning fork for life on earth. We now know the action of adaptogens in the body is bi-directional, toning down hyperactive systems and stimulating underactive ones. The stress protective properties acquired by these herbs and fungi from living in extreme environments gives us the effects that many people are familiar with, such as from the well known adaptogens like reishi, maca, ginseng, and ashwagandha. These plants are exposed to differing and harsh elements from extreme temperatures, to high altitudes and UV exposure, to competition and nutrient poor soils. And not only do they survive, they thrive. When we ingest these medicinal botanicals, we are giving our cells access to the properties that the plants have developed to protect themselves from the stress of existing in these harsh conditions. This improved ability to resist and recover from stress often manifests in people as greater mental clarity, steady energy and mood, as well as better sleep. However, the more out of balance you feel starting out, the more noticeable the shift to a healthy metabolic and hormonal situation is likely to be.

Since we all vary in our lives and health, how the bi-directional action works and systemic changes feel will undoubtedly be different from person to person. However, we can all use adaptogens to tune our bodies systems to accommodate stress as we go through our lives. This is why we say “don’t fight the feeling”! Give your body a chance to make internal shifts to better handle your stress on a foundational, cellular level. Trust adaptogens to provide instructions to your body to adapt to your environment in time, and listen to the messages your body sends back when “hitting the reset button” with this special class of herbs.

For optimal transition into cellular enhancement, we recommend starting with one serving of SunHorse adaptogenic elixirs in the morning. Stay hydrated, take naps if you feel tired and are able, add some nutritional and gut support like kombucha, an organic pasture raised bone-broth,  and/or a high count probiotic, and try not to add any extra stress where possible, even in workouts. Give yourself this care for a couple of weeks. This will allow your body to make the beginning adjustments with ease while getting on track with the healthy influence of the adaptogens. For best results with long standing conditions, we recommend giving your body 90 days to make big internal shifts.

Using adaptogens to tune up your cells to manage varying stress loads is like a “cellular training course” with potential challenges and different phases, always working towards improvement. SunHorse adaptogenic elixirs are your own internal personalized trainer. Please consider this discussion and give this elite class of herbs a go to work with your bodies’ systems, starting at the cellular level and working up through all organs and systems to your entire being. So don’t fight feeling, instead tune in and let the adaptogens in SunHorse teach your cells to reach the next level of energetic potential.  Adapt and Thrive!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Fight The Feeling

  1. After six hard days on the trail and in the wilderness, I was SO glad to have my sunhorse. My ankles were scratched to hell and back, my joints were sore, and my back was pinching.
    Dosing adaptogens helped me keep going.. who needs glucosamine?
    Thanks, guys.

  2. Thanks for the reply, and l will try a smaller dose and see how my thyroid reacts as it was making it go over active.

  3. Why don’t more people know about this? Seems like if this is real and true…we should be shouting it from the rooftops! Let’s hope for all of our sakes, it is true.

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