Don’t Let Work Stress Defeat You.

When setting out on our mission, introducing the world to herbal medicine after a near-fatal experience, I didn’t realize the effect it would have on the vast majority until I started hearing back. Nor did I fully realize at that time the amazing way these herbs could and would be benefiting people’s lives and careers. It’s normal for stress to be a factor in an average work day. It is not normal for it to be too overbearing to handle. Herbal adaptogenics are a great resource to combat this issue. To get scientifically technical, adaptogens work to “exert their anti-stress effects by promoting homeostasis via the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) and the sympathoadrenal system SAS axis and modulating circulating levels of nitric oxide (NO) and cortisol” i.e. stress hormones.

In simpler terms, homeostasis in the body focuses on maintaining a balanced equilibrium. Our adaptogenic formulas for both men and women focus on regulating your body’s hormone levels and increasing cellular energy. Not only does this provide you with more daily energy but also a proven way to combat the negative effects of stress.

One of our ingredients used in our formulas, Rhodiola Rosea, is an adaptogen “approved by the HMPC/EMA, used for the indication ‘stress’ and influences the release of stress hormones while boosting energy metabolism at the cellular level.”

There are many factors that may add stress at work–environment, an overload of tasks, co-workers, current salary, etc. Maybe it’s your first job and you’re working hard to really prove your worth. Maybe you have been there for years and love what you do, but the daily grind is wearing on you.

Sunhorse Energy - Dont Let Work Stress Defeat YouWhatever the case, your career should not consume ALL your energy, with nothing left for you and those you care about. With Sun Horse you will feel fully charged and eager to accept the challenges that promote growth, along with healthy stress responses.

One of my customers, Crystal, works with many celebrity type personalities. This presents her with many unique challenges.  Her job also entails traveling to different locations almost every day. She also was suffering from knee surgeries and occasional depression, her demanding work situation added some very trying factors to her overall situation.

I was happy to hear that after trying Thrivagen, our women’s specific formula, she experienced a positive change in energy, mood, and overall vitality. Many of our clients have similar stories on our testimonials page. Feel free to check out what our customers have to say about our formulas.

Life may be hectic and stress inevitable at times, but it does not need to go unmanaged. We have worked hard to bring you the world’s best stress managing herbs together in an easy to use health system. Our products help your body stay balanced and energized no matter what life throws at you. With Sun Horse in your corner, you can relish the challenges that lead to success. As we say here at Sun Horse Energy, don’t just survive, Adapt and Thrive!

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