Feeling Like A Zombie? Here’s How One Of Our Customers Turned Her Life Around With Adaptogens.

Usually when we get a testimonial/customer success story, we just post it here. But the following candid and in-depth, authentic health transformation from real customer, Katrina Rottmerhusen is worthy of a blog post. We’ll pass the mic to Katrina and let her tell her story, which has been edited ever so slightly for formatting….

After 2 years of feeling like a dead person walking, barely able to keep my eyes open throughout the day, I now feel quite alert in my day. I only experience about an hour of grogginess after waking up, instead of 6-8 hours of it. I felt like I was in a dream all day; a zombie. I was unable to think clearly through the intense brain fog & drowsiness, and my body was very sluggish and incredibly fatigued.

After surviving over a year of constant chronic pain & feeling like I had a hangover every single day, I was so emotionally, physically and mentally drained. This very stressful period of my life caused by the worsening of my health conditions by heavy antidepressants, really took its toll. After stopping the medication, my life completely turned around for the better. I’d realized it was the reason my chronic depression became so severe at the time, due to the horrific side effects it gave me.

However, I still had many withdrawal symptoms creating illness for months afterwards, and severely low energy & ability to use my body (due to what I suspect is chronic fatigue syndrome from my years of research). Ultimate Energy has been one of the most important tools in my recovery, for bringing back my freedom from the limitations of my health conditions.

I’ve had chronic fatigue symptoms (in the process of being diagnosed) for the past 5 years. It’s progressively degraded my health to the point where I had to stop working from physical limitations and social anxiety, due to the immense challenge it has been to survive and feed myself everyday, let alone do a single chore.

My day-to-day, before I started taking Sun Horse Energy adaptogens, was consumed with overwhelming dizziness every time I moved my body: blackened vision, disorientation, shallow breath, rapid irregular heartbeat, and ringing in the ears. This happened whenever I did something as simple as washing the dishes, standing in place for a few minutes, or standing up (orthostatic intolerance). I was intensely nauseous much of the time with chronic headaches, though not as bad as it was on antidepressants.

My anxiety was all-consuming, not to mention I was still very depressed (but immensely better than on medication). I couldn’t recognize the face in the mirror anymore or the life I lived, or even feel a connection with the people I love. I was still so emotionally numb from the physical pain I survived every day for over a year, as well as from being on antidepressants for so long. I didn’t feel like myself for all those years on medication; it was like I was in a haze. I was severely dissociated from my life as it became very painful to wake up in a body where there was never a second of relief from pain, and a life I couldn’t connect with anymore due to the loss of my identity.

Recovery has and will be a long road, but in the past 3 months of using this product, my life has drastically changed!! I honestly couldn’t live without it now. Within the first 2 days I already noticed changes. I felt like myself again for the first time in 5 years!! I felt alive again, like I was physically here, not in a dream! I can now stand and walk around long enough to do my house chores for 10 minutes at a time here and there throughout the day, I experience less frequent and intense dizziness. I respond better to stress than I ever have before (I suffer from chronic anxiety, depression & PTSD), and I’m starting to develop a libido again (being so deficient in energy & taking antidepressants for years absolutely killed it).

My orthostatic intolerance (lack of sufficient blood flow to the brain) upon standing has gone down significantly as well!! This has allowed me to spend more of my time out of bed and not sitting! I’m naturally a very active person and it drives me insane to spend much of my day sitting. I want to be moving constantly, especially since I use exercise to cope with my mental health. It’s been a prison to live in this body and know I need to rest adequately to be free. This illness has taken away my ability to live my life as I wish, especially since it’s taken away my ability to work. With this product in my arsenal, I believe I can be free of this illness and back to work in a year or less!

It’s made the biggest difference to have a product that heals my adrenal glands from continual burnout. After the 3 months of taking adaptogens, my identity and ability to connect with life is almost completely back again. I’m almost the person I was before the trauma of this illness. The longer I use this product, the more my life improves in every aspect! My mental and physical health have improved so much! And I recover so much faster than before!!

I can’t describe how much I love this product and how it has changed my life! It is absolutely worth the cost if you lack energy or alertness, have difficulty managing stress, have unbalanced hormones, or fatigue of any sort. I especially recommend this product if you experience dizziness from adrenal gland exhaustion; it will turn everything around for you! Your adrenal glands affect nearly everything in your body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Adaptogens help your body physically recover & bounce back from the damaging effects of every kind of stress.

Thank you, Sun Horse Energy!

Ultimate Energy has given me life again!

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