The Dark Maple Syrup (The New Grade A)

What’s better for you … grade A or grade B maple syrup? Grade A must be the best and grade B maple syrup is just good, right? Well actually grade B was the best but now they call it grade A! Thanks maple syrup industry for finally making sense.

Here’s the scoop, Sun Horse Energy uses grade A maple syrup which is the second tapping of the tree (which is the darkest maple syrup) and has the most phyto and micro-nutrients. It wouldn’t matter if Sun Horse Energy’s formulas helped you live to 200 years of age; if it didn’t taste good, you’d spit it out!

Sun Horse Energy President & Founder, Daniel Moriarty specially formulated this adaptogenic elixir with the maple syrup that is the second tapping of the tree which gives you the best nutritional value and making it taste amazing.

In 2014, Vermont, the leading producer of maple syrup changed its labeling to eliminate the confusion. Its other syrup-producing neighbors did the same.

Grade B is now, according to Vermont standards, Grade A Dark with Robust Taste. The old classification system went from light to dark. The fancy light and transparent, to the danky darkside. To slang for you? Well my friends, the more refinement in some things can take away the goodness, like the micro and phyto-nutrients.

That’s why the state of Vermont, to its credit, has attempted to clear the confusion of the danky delicious.

Regardless if it comes from Vermont, Quebec, New York state, or the few other regions that process the sap of the maple tree, you want the dark if you can get it.

The darker the syrup the better

The darker the maple syrup, the more phyto and micro-nutrients it contains than lighter syrup. Light syrup varieties are produced early in the season (though not by many days, as the whole maple syrup harvesting season can be as short as 10-20 days for the heaviest sap). This lighter syrup contains less calcium and other minerals.

Though “Grade A Dark” contains more minerals and phytonutrients, the transportation to far-away destinations can denature the minerals, if the syrup is subjected to light and heat.

One of the many things that Sun Horse Energy President & Founder Daniel Moriarty learned in perfecting the difficult art of preserving all the nutrients in Sun Horse Energy’s formulas is how to get Organic Dark Pure Maple Syrup shipped without diminishing its phyto and micro-nutrient profile.

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