Jiaogulan: The most powerful adaptogen on the planet!

Let’s go score some Jiaogulan! Never heard of it? Read on….

“Hey … ya got any ‘miracle grass’ on ya? I need to unwind and feel groovy, man….I could really use some miracle grass if you know what I’m saying. Hope you’re not offended by my trying to score some herb. I’ve had a really long, stress-filled day.

“Another hellacious commute to work, no time to eat a healthy meal (fast food again), pick up the kids from soccer practice, argue with the spouse, watch 30 minutes of TV, pass out and do it all over again. Can you see why I need to score some miracle grass here?”


Our fictitious character above is not just trying to score any miracle grass. And we’re certainly not referring to cannabis sativa here (though we set you up to think so). Now there’s no doubt that cannabis has medicinal properties. But if you’re looking for an all-natural herb that’s safe, will chill you out without non-psychoactive side effects (or any negative side effects), is totally legal, and has been clinically-proven to significantly improve health, consider scoring some Jiaogulan.

Many people who study herbs regard Jiaogulan as the most powerful medicinal adaptogenic herb on Earth.

(Daniel Moriarty, Sun Horse Energy founder is one such believer, that’s why Sun Horse Elixir’s #1 ingredient is Jiaogulan; contact Dan for any questions you have on Jiaogulan … his knowledge will blow your mind!)

Jiaogulan, aka Miracle Grass, aka gynostemma pentaphyllum, aka Himalayan Ginseng, aka the Chinese Immortality Herb, was an all-star anti-aging folk herbal remedy in southern China for centuries. In the last 50 or so years, there have been numerous studies proving Jiaogulan’s efficacy for:

  • regulating blood pressure
  • lowering cholesterol
  • boosting immunity
  • reducing inflammation
  • preventing tumors and improving recovery for post-chemo and radiation treatments

What makes Jiaogulan so potent as a medicinal adaptogenic herb?

Jiaogulan can wear many hats. Most medicinal adaptogenic herbs largely serve a primary purpose and may contain a weaker secondary or tertiary benefit. But Jiaogulan works wonders for the benefits listed above as well as several others, including lean-muscle gain, and mental balance.

(Don’t know what an adaptogen is? Read: Why Adaptogens)

Nearly everybody has heard of ginseng. Mainstream media has often debunked ginseng’s efficacy without differentiating from ginseng extract and whole-plant ginseng, which is much more potent than an extraction from dubious processing methods. Ginseng, when sourced from the whole plant is a remarkable adaptogen, containing over 30 ginsenosides, which are the active medicinal components in the plant.

This is how remarkably medicinally amazing Jiaogulan is: it contains over 80 compounds (called “gypenosides”), with four of them identical in composition to ginsenosides. In other words, Jiaogulan has ginseng-like properties but has 50 additional identifiable, medically-proven compounds.

Why else is Jiaogulan awesome?

It’s naturally sweet, almost like a stevia plant. Which, if you’re making an adaptogenic elixir like Sun Horse Energy, is a great thing. It’s, pardon the sweet pun here, the cherry on top. Most herbs are extremely bitter chewed raw or made into a tea. But Jiaogulan has a manageable bitter palate experience with sweetness.

Jiaogulan can grow up to 20-feet in vine length, if not more, so it does have the potential to act as an invasive species (which might not be a good thing if you don’t keep an eye on your garden), but as such it’s easy to grow and can be brewed into a tea, just like wild green tea leaves. Related to the squash family, Jiaogulan is the easiest to grow of all the adaptogens.

Another bonus: pound for pound, Jiaogulan is inexpensive (certainly cheaper than cannabis!).

From a medicinal perspective, there is perhaps no other adaptogen that can help as many people as Jiaogulan. Some herbs are only effective at helping a certain segment of the population, but Jiaogulan is safe and effective for both young and old, male and female and everybody in between. In adaptogenic terminology, Jiaogulan is considered biphasic or dual-directional, meaning it has more than one primary purpose.

Because it’s not a stimulant or a relaxant, Jiaogulan will not make you feel jittery or sedated. There is no risk of overdosing on it. You can drink as many cups of it (brewed as a tea) as you like or chew on the raw leaves.

How Was Jiaogulan Discovered?

Although Japan has a population of centenarians (the famously studied segment that was studied on the island of Okinawa), Japanese researchers wanted to know why a region in Southern China contained many people living into their 90s and 100s. This was back in the 1960s. Prior to that, Jiaogulan was just a folk herb (not to be confused with a Traditional Chinese Medicine one; it would not have been considered TCM!).

Since the 1960s, dozens and dozens of studies have been focused on the medical applications of Jiaogulan’s saponin content. Saponins are chemicals that are both oil- and water-soluble that are found in nearly all adaptogens.

The chemical structure of saponins has been shown to be similar to human hormones. But with one major difference: most of the time, when people take a supplement, it has the potential to stimulate (and therefore, potentially burnout) and over-excite a particular hormone (or group of them). But Jiaogulan, being an adaptogenic herb, constantly fine tunes and balances hormones.


Containing double the tonic components of ginseng, Jiaogulan is especially powerful in its ability to increase cancer-fighting natural killer (NK) cells and lymphocytes (which raises your body’s antibody levels).

There’s a good reason it’s considered multi-functional. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, it builds chi (energy) on all 5 major organ systems (Heart, Liver, Stomach, Lung, Kidney). It contains two major anti-aging actions. One increases free-radical-fighting super-oxide dismutase. The other reduces inflammation by reducing nuclear factor kappaB.

Jiaogulan is “easy to score”, won’t give you the munchies or make you foggy-brained and tired. It also won’t amp you up and burn out your adrenals. It will help your body adapt to stress and reach a blissed-out state of homeostasis.

There’s a good reason why it’s the #1 ingredient in Sun Horse Energy Elixir/Check Out Our High Potency Liquid Formulas that are changing so many lives.

Don’t Just Survive, Adapt and Thrive.

3 thoughts on “Jiaogulan: The most powerful adaptogen on the planet!

  1. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to get some!

  2. What product contains JIAOGULAN ? And or when will it be available to buy?

    • Hi Jeff … nearly all of our formulas contain jiaogulan, including Ultimate Energy and our Men’s formula, Mojo 8.5. Jiagogulan is part of our Global Resonance Formulation that helps your body adapt to all kinds of stress.

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