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Health Benefits of Adaptogens Using Medicinal Plants

In my last post, I talked about the experience that led me to create Sun Horse Energy and my “awakening” to the benefits of medicinal plants. I devoted myself to studying nature’s most potent healing plants and fungi; stress reducing herbs that also balance our systems, namely adaptogens. More about adaptogens in a minute.

My mother, an accomplished herbalist, instructed me to choose a class of herbs to focus on when I fully realized the importance of such knowledge after my life was saved by a plant remedy. I had known about and enjoyed the effects of American Ginseng, so I chose the class of herbs known as adaptogens. I began to study the cultures known for living long, healthy lives, and the herbs they used such as Jiaogulan, Himalayan Goji, Ginseng, Peruvian Maca, and Catuaba. That’s just a small sample, for a more complete list check out this link. You’ll find many of the plants we use at Sun Horse today.

My research led me to discover that plants growing in extreme and varied conditions have adapted to their harsh environments by producing substances that help them not just survive but thrive. These medicinal plants as a group are called adaptogens and when we ingest them, they can help our bodies the same way they help plants thrive under stressful conditions. At Sun Horse we’ve worked to identify, source, and produce formulas using the most beneficial adaptogenic plants from every continent except Antarctica, and to do ‘real world’ testing to discover what benefits they can bring to people in today’s stressful world.

Adaptogens, as a class of medicinal plants and fungi, have been shown to help us manage the damaging effects that stress has on our bodies’ cells and their long term functioning. They are used for their general tonic action on the whole body which promotes sustained well-being, healthier aging, and greater energetic potential within our cells.

Plants in a Forest SunHorse Energy

These types of plants and fungi have been shown to have protective actions from their potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which provide a powerful buffer against oxidative stress. They also have a bi-directional or “two-way” action on our bodies’ systems, which brings greater balance to our whole body by encouraging under-active systems and calming over-active ones. This helps our complex bodily systems to function efficiently, in harmony with one another.

Fun fact: the word adaptogen is attributed to Soviet scientist, Dr. Nikolai Lazarev. He’d been commissioned by the Soviet army to increase performance for soldiers, athletes, and workers without using harsh or dangerous stimulants.

Over the years we’ve been successful in uncovering many benefits available through adaptogenic herbs and fungi. Our customers tell us how our formulas have helped them enjoy better health and quality of life. They help people of all ages resist and recover from stress, boost stamina, and sharpen mental focus.

Our customers also say they experience greater mental clarity throughout the day – they report that their brain fog is a thing of the past. Adaptogens provide steady and extended energy all day, without the peaks and valleys we’ve all experienced from traditional pick-me-ups like coffee and energy drinks. Many of our customers also report more stable moods and better sleep.

Physical Activities

They experience more effective workouts and faster recovery times as well as finding more enjoyment in their physical activities – whether it’s running, or tennis, or playing with their kids. And they find daily stress affects them much less, both at work and at home.

A Different Kind of Energy

Unlike traditional stimulants like caffeine (which provides short term stimulation followed by a crash), adaptogenic formulas help to balance the body’s systems at a cellular level. Sun Horse customers say our formulas help them feel vibrant and more present.

More Benefits of Adaptogenic Herbs

  • Increased 16-hour daytime energy output
  • Improved muscle function
  • Increased endurance
  • Elevated enzyme synthesis
  • Protected mitochondrial function
  • Enhanced mental focus and concentration

We’ve worked to make Sun Horse adaptogen supplements the safest, most effective and natural way to help you get increased energy and power through highly stressful, chaotic days. To find out more visit the Sun Horse Energy Store.

Sun Horse Store

We hope you enjoyed this overview! Please join us in the next post, where we will discuss the Sun Horse difference.

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