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Congratulations, you have found the world’s ultimate adaptogenic cellular enhancer. The Autoship 2 Pack of Thrivagen is a powerful tool for total women’s well being.

A synergistic formula consisting of the world’s finest adaptogens and ‘women-specific’ beneficial herbs. With the Autoship 2 Pack of Thrivagen, adaptogenic herbs will help you cope with stress and facilitate balance along with traditional herbs long recognized for their beneficial effect on female physiology.

Please Note: Thrivagen is a revolutionary and highly concentrated formula!

Instructions: Shake well. 3 pumps a day any time of day.

Years of testing and research have enabled us to provide you with only the active ingredients without fillers or diluents.

Jiaogulan, Himalayan Goji, Acai,
Peruvian Maca, American Ginseng,
Schisandra Fruit, Asian Licorice Root,
Rhodiola Rosea, Astragalus Root,
Reishi Mushroom, Catuaba, Guarana,
Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Angelica Archangelica,
Chaste Tree Berry,
pure organic grade A extra dark maple syrup

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