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Mojo 8.5 is adaptogenic cellular support plus power herbs for total balance, physical resilience, and sustained energy output. Day or night, you are ready to go.

There are 15 Adaptogenic herbs in Mojo 8.5 which have been classified as adaptogens. That means they are safe and non-toxic, have broad actions, and help normalize body functions that have been compromised by stress.

Many factors can steal your mojo, but the one thing above all that robs it is stress. If stress has zapped you of your mojo, then give Mojo 8.5 a try.

Take the Sun Horse Challenge! Try a bottle of Mojo 8.5 for one month to give ample time to experience the benefits of the Adaptogens.

Instructions: Shake well. 6-12 pumps taken orally once a day any time of day.

Jiaogulan, Himalayan Goji, Acai, Peruvian Maca, American Ginseng, Schisandra Fruit, Asian Licorice Root, Rhodiola Rosea, Astragalus Root, Reishi Mushroom, Catuaba, Guarana, Ashwagandha, Bulgarian Tribulus, Epimedium, extra dark organic maple

Learn more about our ingredients by clicking here.

Years of testing and research have enabled us to provide you with only the active ingredients without fillers or diluents.

Please note: As with any herbal product, please consult with your physician if you are taking prescription medication.


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Adaptogenic herbs Mojo 8.5 Men’s Formula

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