Not Dead Yet? Then You May As Well Support Your Cardiovascular System.

This is the story behind Cardio Tone, the best herbal cardiovascular support formula on the market.

When does heart disease start? 

Somewhere during midlife, somewhere in your 50s and 60s, right? 

The truth is that because of the Standard American Diet (SAD; perhaps the most appropriate acronym ever created), pollution and exposure to chemicals, cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in the U.S., can begin in your early 20s or even in your late teens. 

Dan Moriarty, Sun Horse Energy founder and formulator obtained special access to blood work conducted on over 100,000 U.S. veterans. The blood tests of the soldiers were taken when the veterans first enlisted and tracked the service members for approximately 30 years. 

The blood work of the enlisting soldiers was shocking. “Lots of soldiers no older than 18 or 19 had the classic hallmark metabolic markers for a heart attack waiting to happen,” says Dan. 

“Their lipid profiles looked like those of people you would associate with old age. Their LDLs were elevated and their HDLs were low. You could see cardiovascular disease was starting at a very young age.” 

Predictably, as the years went by, many soldiers developed cardiovascular problems and had to go on blood thinning medication and/or developed cardiomyopathy (characterized by weak muscle tissue of the heart and the inability of the heart to efficiently pump blood). 

With CVD, An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure

Once cardiovascular problems are readily apparent it’s not easy to reverse. The best way to solve the CVD epidemic is through prevention. This is the backdrop to the story behind the formulation of Cardio Tone, the most complex and potent (yet safe) herbal cardiovascular support formula on the market.

Supporting the cardiovascular system, especially if you’ve eaten an unhealthy diet or have a genetic predisposition to heart or circulatory problems requires daily intervention. And for some people, even eating a healthy diet and exercising isn’t enough. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t eat healthy enough to stave off potential deadly complications from CVD, which includes: 

  • Heart failure
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Aneurysm
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest [SOURCE]

And even if you’re eating huge salads and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and keeping your added sugar intake low, that may not be enough. 

As Dan explains, few foods have proteolytic properties that can break down fibrin. Proteolytics are enzymes that break down proteins. Fibrin is a protein that clots the blood. If you have too much fibrin protein, you can develop a stroke, even at a young age.  

Cardio Tone breaks down the proteins that can cause clots but also possesses thrombolytic properties. This means that it can also dissolve the clots if any have already developed. Herbs that have thrombolytic action also improve blood flow and blood vessel function. 

“I selected the herbs in the formula for Cardio Tone because I wanted gentle yet effective proteolytic and thrombolytic action plus the support of homeostasis-supporting adaptogens” explains Dan.

Nitric Oxide Is No Laughing Matter

Cardio Tone is not specifically for blood clots. Rather, it’s main action is to dissolve the plaque in the blood vessels. In the blood vessels, plaque is extremely thin but very dangerous.

Plaque is only one cell deep around your blood vessels and it actually prevents your endothelial cells from accessing nitric oxide, which is what your body uses as a signal to open and expand blood vessels.

Nitric oxide, not to be confused with laughing gas (nitrous oxide), keeps the vessels supple. Because of poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle choices (smoking, excess alcohol), environmental pollution and genetics or a combination of these factors, blood vessels and the tiny capillaries accumulate a little film of protein that gums up the works. 

According to Dan, “Factory farming and environmental toxins are creating a situation where millions of people’s blood vessels accrue a thin coating so small it doesn’t show up in scans when you’re in your 20s and 30s, but it’s there and the endolithetal cells become trapped. The cells can’t access the nitric oxide. And when they can’t access the nitric oxide, blood vessels aren’t going to open and expand and the cardiovascular system becomes suppressed.” 

Dan formulated Cardio Tone to safely dissolve over time the coating that prevents the endothelial cells from picking up nitric oxide. 

“When your cells can access nitric oxide, all sorts of neat things start happening,” says Dan. “Your blood vessels start to become bigger and  you can start seeing your veins,” 

Go ahead and make a fist. You should be able to clearly see a vein in the crook of your arm. The vein should be soft, movable, and not cause pain when you touch it or move it. When the arteries harden, veins hurt to the touch or can become easily bruised. Also, the blood vessels don’t expand and contract as needed because the cells can’t access nitric oxide. 

Support Cardiovascular Health With A Natural Thrombi Killer!

As mentioned earlier, Cardio Tone is thrombolytic. Thrombi are globs of red blood cells that are stuck together. They form a gooey clump and can develop into a clot. If you were to look at healthy red blood cell (RBC) formation under a microscope, you’d see the RBCs clearly separated, in the shape of donuts. 

But when cardiovascular problems develop, RBCs stick together and resemble a stack of tires. At this point, oxygen can only stick to the RBCs on the outer edges of the cells. In other words, the vast majority of the surface area of each individual RBC is stuck to another cell, which is stuck to another cell and stacked. 

The result is a stringy clump of oxygen-deprived hemoglobin, the iron-rich part of the red blood cells that carry oxygen front the lungs to the rest of the body.  

As Dan succinctly explains, “That’s not good. Each red blood cell needs to be able to do its thing individually.” 

This is because capillaries, the microscopic circulatory highway system that if laid out in a human being would measure an astonishing 48,000 miles, are so narrow that one blood cell can barely squeeze through. 

Having stacked-tire, clumpy, stringy red blood cells results in poor microcirculation. Microcirculation is crucial for optimal brain, body and organ function. When microcirculation is inhibited, the peripheral of your body and your whole being starts suffering from dysfunction. 

Cardio Tone Ingredients


Natto is a fermented soybean dish popular in Japan, especially on the island of Okinawa, where many residents live free of chronic disease well into their 90s and 100s. Natto kinase is the enzyme isolated from natto. If nattokinase can chew up a soybean, it may help gobble up the gunk that’s accumulated in your bloodstream. Nattokinase is an extremely expensive ingredient and very  functional. Cardio Tone contains the highest International Units of nattokinase you can pack into a 500 mg capsule formula. 

Pine bark

Many studies have shown that pine bark possesses anti-aging properties. It’s very similar in nature to the well-known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, resveratrol, which is abundant in red wine and grapes. Pine bark has a proven beneficial effect on lipids, the cardiovascular and immune systems. 

High Concentrate Green Tea Extract

What’s better than sipping on a cup of green tea for health? Extracting the active compound from it—EGCG catechin—and providing way more of that active ingredient than one measly green tea bag could ever provide.  EGCG extract is to your bloodstream what antifreeze is to your car’s radiator. If you don’t put an additive in your radiator, the radiator gets plugged up. Green tea extract can help clean the blood of plaque buildup. 

Maral Root (Rhaponticum carthamoides) 

Like all other adaptogenic herbs, maral root helps the body’s myriad systems function normally after being exposed to all sorts of harmful stress. Maral root is named after the maral deer, which hail from Siberia. Countless generations ago, native Siberians noticed that the deer would emerge from the forest and ascend the mountains way above the treeline where there’s no protection. Why would the deer do that, risking exposure to apex predators like the Siberian wolf? 

The answer: the deer were addicted to roots that they would dig up and eat and then well, let’s just say they started making love like rabbits. 

The tough-as-nails Siberians, facing winter temperatures of 70 below zero, did what the deer did and started using the root we know today as maral root for libido and stamina. If this hardy root can withstand temperatures that instantly induce frostbite and dizzying altitudes, it can help humans adapt to stressful situations too. 

Siberan Ginseng (Eleuthero)

The quintessential adaptogen, Siberian ginseng, which was one of the first adaptogenic herbs studied, has a marked positive effect on cardiovascular performance, including VO2 max. 

Notoginseng (Sanchi)

According to WebMD, panax notoginseng, which should not be confused with panax ginseng, may help relax blood vessels. American soldiers during the Vietnam war learned just how beneficial notoginseng can be. The herb is the primary active ingredient in the formula, Yunnan Baiyao; of which Viet Cong soldiers carried vials and applied it directly to gunshots and other battlefield wounds. Approximately 90% of Yunnan Baiyao is notoginseng. American soldiers discovered vials of the power on the Viet Cong soldiers and started using it for themselves. This herb is bi-phasic, meaning it can form clots when necessary, such as a wound, and prevent them when they can be harmful. 

Baicalin (Baikal Skullcap)

Hailing from the Lake Baikal region in the Altai mountains of central Asia, baicalin is a medicinal plant that’s been used for thousands of years for several conditions. Research studies show that it can help repair cells. That can’t be said about every herb. In fact, in a study, UVC radiation damage was induced in cells intentionally, breaking  cell chromosomes and making the cell non-viable. After the damaged cell was exposed to baicalin in a solution, the cells were repaired to the point that they became  indistinguishable from the control, healthy cells. 

Cordyceps Sinensis 

A mycological (fungal) ingredient, cordyceps became famous thanks to the record-shattering performances of Olympic Chinese in the early 1990s. Sherpas who have climbed Mt. Everest multiple times rely on cordyceps for stamina and circulation. It’s the most expensive herb on the market and it comes from a fascinating source. 

Cordyceps is actually a husk that’s left over after the cordyceps fungus attacks a caterpillar. Although the fungus devours the caterpillar, it leaves a little shell of material after it ingests the caterpillar. That little shell is cordyceps. Pound for pound, it’s as expensive as gold. Cordyceps in Cardio Tone is sourced from Nepal. 

Schisandra Chinensis

Schisandra fruit is used in Sun Horse Energy’s Global Resonance Formulation and possesses anti-aging properties. It may help normalize blood sugar and blood pressure, and lessen the severity of PMS. 

Asian Licorice Root

The active ingredient in Asian licorice root is glycyrrhizic acid, which contains potent anti-viral properties. Many people are walking around under a viral load without knowing it. A viral load can negatively impact the cardiovascular system. The virus can damage heart valves. This is the body reacting to the virus, which can be otherwise relatively harmless. But people with systemic inflammation suffer from valves that leak or don’t close. The viral material can stick to the heart valves, forming ventricular eddies, which in turn can produce heart murmurs. Asian licorice root, which is perhaps the most widely used herb in Oriental medicine, acts as a guide herb, directing other herbs to their point of action. 

Reishi (ganoderma) 

Known as an immortality herb in Chinese medicine, Dan Moriarty chose reishi, which is featured in the Sun Horse Energy Global Resonance formulation method, because it’s a well accepted fact that certain herbs work extremely well in combination. Reishi helps bring the pieces of the puzzle together. 

Cardio Tone Conclusion

If the individual herbs do not have a history of working in synergy, as Dan Moriarty, Sun Horse Energy founder says, then it’s just a long laundry list of ingredients. The herbs in Cardio Tone belong in combination together. If done correctly with intention, experience and knowledge and understanding of the relative power and value of each ingredient, and if they are presented in the correct ratios, you end up with a formula that’s greater than the sum of its parts. That’s what we strive for with each of our formulas at Sun Horse Energy, including Cardio Tone.

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  1. Dear Justin and Dan and Mona,,,i read with interest this article and appreciate its contents,,,education is key to helping others to appreciate and value what our God given earth has to offer. On a personal note,,,my body seems to pick up herbs best as a tea versus a capsule,,,my request would be to have this as a blend for myself to make as a tea and drink for a few days at a time. Aloha char from north shore of kauai

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