Alissa Sears

Words don’t do justice to the magic of Sun Horse. Your products are true game changers. Having been in the natural products industry my whole life, it is rare to find those products with true integrity, efficacy, quality and purpose upon which our industry was founded. Sun Horse is just that. It is “magic in a bottle.”

I have been taking Thrivagen for nearly 6 months and it is truly lifesaving / life restoring. I have dealt with the ramifications and relapses of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever for the last 11 years and your product has helped curtail some incredibly severe relapses. My doctor had recommended your products last year and sang your praises – saying that the UV testing you all do is top of the line. It was adaptogens that had been my saving grace when I had first returned to the US – and the only thing that had worked after several years of tests and some really challenging times health-wise. I was really excited to try your products and have been truly astounded with how powerfully they restore health and address this condition – much of which is triggered by strain/stress on the endocrine system. My doctor continues to muscle test your products with each incident I have, and time and time again they are the only thing that works. Last week, a relapse had been triggered as I had run out of your products. I immediately started taking them again, and within a few days I felt myself regaining my health and getting stronger and stronger, abating a potentially strong relapse.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all you do to restore true health and vitality. Having lost it many times, I know the value at such a deep level and I can’t thank you enough for ensuring the quality and integrity of your products. They work and address issues I have been told have no solution by leading “experts.” Thank you again! – Alissa Sears

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