Amie Thomas

Over the past months I have heard a lot about Sun Horse Energy and I was very interested in trying it. It has literally changed my life. I feel like I used to years ago. To start, I sleep deeper, wake up more awake. I’ve always had sleeping issues but they are finally gone! I no longer have problems falling asleep or waking up very tired! I feel like my energy levels are back where they are supposed to be, I can concentrate so much better, I don’t crave junk food and sugar like I used too. It’s amazing! I also used to get very bloated and achy during my menstrual cycle every month. Since I started taking Sun Horse that no longer happens! It has truly changed my life for the better and it will now forever be a part of my daily routine! My thank yous will never be enough! I will stand behind this product forever! – Amie Thomas

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