Frank Vitale

Ok so I cant say enough good stuff about Sun Horse Energy. I’ve always been proactive when it comes to my health, not in a “I have to work out every day way” or “I cant have the occasional slice of pizza or cheeseburger sort of way”… but in a just don’t over do it and keep very active sort of way. I’m 49 years old an just maybe in the best health of my life. I’ve more energy, more strength, less fat and overall happier then ever. I don’t claim that one magical product is responsible for that but I do claim that learning about and adding adaptogens to my daily supplemental intake has played a huge role. I first heard of Sun Horse Energy when listening to Bulletproof Radio. I’m not strict but I do avoid processed food as much as I can and eat what my body craves. My naturopath says “I’m not sure what you are doing, but keep doing it” that works for me. I’m active, by choice, not by necessity. I hike and go on as many outdoor adventures as my schedule will allow. I also feed my brain by listening to engaging educational content and reading. I find that the addition of Ultimate Energy Adaptogenic Formula not only aids in my physical energy allowing me to do more, it aids in my mental energy allowing me grow more, be more focused, get more out of my meditation practice and retain more of what I ingest from a cerebral perspective. I love the product. Thanks guys, keep up the amazing work, making the world a better place one bottle at a time. – Frank Vitale

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