I am a commercial real estate broker and work on 100% commission so my work-life is unpredictable and “go-go-go.” The same goes for life outside work. I began eating very healthy (low-sugar, low-carb, local produce, etc.) during college and have continued it because I need to have steady energy and emotional state for my job. But living in the city, it can be hard to avoid toxins and have that steady flow of energy with so many things nagging for your attention and draining willpower. The first time I heard about Sun Horse Energy I had to try it…and have used it since. It is perfect for adding to my smoothies or morning water and I can feel my body’s energy being steadier and lasting longer. I would like to know more about each individual root and its’ effects, but the combination is powerful and I am grateful to the Sun Horse team. Cheers. – Jeremy

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