Pete Leckemby

My name is Pete Leckemby, and I discovered your products back in May of this year. I turned 40 this year, and have been working to be more healthy. I used to drink energy drinks on a regular basis (sometimes 2 a day). As a leadership consultant for a Fortune 200 company, a husband and father of 3 very active boys, I need to have high levels of energy every day. Additionally, I sit on the board at my church, and am also the President of a local Toastmasters club. All that adds up to balancing a great deal of challenges and chaos on a daily basis. Since I started taking Sun Horse Ultimate Energy and now Mojo, I can tell you that even on the longest, toughest days I manage to maintain high levels of energy, focus and balance. Now I am coaching my sons’ football team as well. The adaptogenic magic has had a profound impact on how I handle the daily stresses as well as how I feel. I sleep well and wake rested even on short nights of sleep, whereas I used to be lethargic from those shorter nights. When I travel for work, the long days and flights don’t seem to impact me. I arrive at my destination ready to work and still highly focused. An unspoken benefit of these products has been how it has motivated me to seek additional healthy habits such as meditation to compound the effects. Thank you for your great products and commitment to helping me manage my chaos!! – Pete Leckemby

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