Shane Cost

As a high school teacher who is nearing forty and looking to stay active and to eat well, I nevertheless find that I run out of energy quite often and I am under a good deal of stress and anxiety. In fact, prior to sampling Mojo 8.5, I was battling moderate to severe depression. My meditation practice helped, but was still not enough. So when Mojo 8.5 arrived I was eager to give it a shot. During the month I first took Mojo 8.5 my anxieties lessened and my depression slinked away. After my initial bottle ran out, I decided to go without the product to see to what extent it had aided me. Less than a week into my experiment my depression returned in full force. I ordered a new bottle for myself and ordered a bottle of Thrivagen for my wife. My sense of calm returned quickly and my wife found that her facial blemishes — which become inflamed — began to swell less. We accidentally left her bottle at a hotel and while waiting for them to kindly ship it, she found her inflammation returned. Two days after returning to her Thrivagen protocol, she walked into the bedroom talking about how amazing the product is. And for all it has gifted my wife and me in our health and in our well-being, I have recommended the product to many people. My mother is putting her first order in, and I am sure she will be equally impressed. Thanks, guys for making a great product. – Shane Cost

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