Tom Stern

Just a note to thank you for making Sun Horse Energy Elixir available to me.  I am an 81 year-old film producer with a penchant for playing any sport i can. At this time I am playing softball twice a week, ‘pickle-ball’ three times a week and go in the ocean as much as possible as my surfing has hit a snag with bone-on-bone arthritis in both shoulders.

For all these years, I have been taking various supplements and frankly, have wondered how much good they have done. So, with your new product Sun Horse, I have discontinued all supplements, figuring that the very nature of adaptogens is that they go where needed. For the last three months I can honestly say that I have had incredible energy and see no reason to stop taking Sun Horse every morning first thing. I see nothing but upside in taking your product. – Tom Stern

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