Valerie Sloan

My boyfriend and I have been Sun Horse Energy customers for the last two years and we love their products! He uses the Mojo 8.5 product and I use the Thrivagen product. The very first time I ever tried the product, I could immediately notice the difference in my energy levels. Within 3-4 days, I was far less sleepy than I usually am. I also wasn’t aware of how much the stress of my job (I work in a standard office environment doing accounting) was affecting my health. I was coming down with chronic bacterial infections because my body’s immune system was in such poor shape. Sun Horse’s adaptogens have tremendously improved my body’s ability to handle and adapt to the stress. I had tried other adaptogens in the past, but none of them made any noticeable difference at all. I learned through research that the ingredients have to be very high-quality in order for them to work. Sun Horse is top-quality! I am very pleased with their products. – Valerie Sloan

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