The Sun Horse Energy Difference

All-in-one daily protection from stress…

The easiest way to understand Global Resonance Formulation® is like this: Each individual adaptogen in Sun Horse brings its own unique resonance effect to our formulas.

Think of every adaptogen like an individual musical note each contributing its unique frequency.

New and exciting research has shown that herbs actually effect our internal microbiome which in turn signals our brain and entire body systems to achieve the numerous benefits that adaptogens are famous for. 6) Research on prebiotic potential of medicinal herbs (#6 on research page)

At Sun Horse we realized years ago that as modern globe traveling humans we needed more adaptive power than what endemic/local herbs could provide.

The Sun Horse Energy Difference is our vision was to produce a truly global adaptive formula.

We carefully and deliberately brought the worlds finest adaptogens from every continent to produce the worlds first Global Resonance Formulation®.

When you take Sun Horse you are feeding every cell in your body with the finest adaptogenic power herbs our planet has to offer that’s the Sun Horse Energy Difference.

Sun Horse is truly music to every cell in your body.

We put the power to Adapt and Thrive™ in every bottle.

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