Three Things You Can Do to Avoid Stress

Bouncing off my stress at work blog, I realized no one ever really talks about stress at home. It’s almost as if stress should be non-existent in the household. But is it? I didn’t think so. Home should be a place of comfort and solace after a hard day’s work, but often we find ourselves tending to additional responsibilities, leaving little time for self-care.

Whether we have pets, laundry, kids, sick family members, side projects, or home maintenance, there must be a way to keep these constant, minimal stresses from adding up. U-Lifeline warns to keep these worries from accumulating because they can become detrimental to your health: “emotional stress that stays around for weeks or months can weaken the immune system and cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and even heart disease”. 

Sun Horse Energy is a great addition to any household, working to regulate the body’s natural functions and effectively reduce the negative effects of stress. Though our elixirs are highly effective, they can work even better, and it starts with you. It is important to note that stress has many factors and therefore, one solution will not be completely successful in reducing or avoiding its negative side-effects. Let’s explore some highly effective strategies to eliminate the symptoms of emotional stress. 

SunHorse Energy - Avoid Stress

1. Avoid Stress with Exercise

Did you know that walking is a form of mental therapy? Harvard Health Publishing informs readers that almost any type of exercise will help to clear the mind and reduce stress, but walking is a big one: “Many people find that using large muscle groups in a rhythmic, repetitive fashion works best; call it ‘muscular meditation,’ and you’ll begin to understand how it works”. I guess the famous saying reigns true– if you ever find yourself piling up with emotional stress, try walking it off.

2. Reduce Stressors

Do you ever stop to analyze what specifically is stressing you out? I think that is one of the biggest things we as people overlook. We can become consumed by many small stress factors that overtake us so that we can’t even pinpoint what initially caused them. The first step to “reduce stressors” is to identify and then analyze the cause or causes of your stress. After you’ve figured that out, it is your new responsibility to re-evaluate your life and make some changes. Do you have a negative social influence? Is your living environment toxic? Are you leaving no time to take care of yourself? How’s your diet? Think about it. 

3. Sun Horse Energy

Adding Sun Horse Energy to your daily routine is guaranteed to ensure you’re experiencing your best self. With our adaptogenic formula targeting the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, your body will begin to focus on maintaining a balanced equilibrium, regulating natural hormone levels, and lowering stress. Though Sun Horse is being praised by many who claim to have experienced huge changes, positively effecting their life, note that this formula will work even better for those putting in efforts to lead a more healthy lifestyle. 

One of my customers, Mary, who also believes in the power of walking, has noticed a significant improvement with her stress just two weeks after taking Thrivagen

Jared, who makes a huge effort to stay active, thanks to Sun Horse for helping to reduce his home stress factors that once limited his ability to provide self-care. 

Success stories like these, illustrate how powerful and beneficial  Sun Horse Energy could be for you. Feel free to check out our testimonials page and discover a community of thrivers, who may once have experienced situations similar to your own.

Take control of your life. Don’t let the effects of stress in your household diminish your happiness. Discover for yourself how Sun Horse can relieve the effects of unhealthy, emotional stress.  Our products help your body stay balanced and energized, keeping your mind focused on what matters most. Celebrate the body you were given. As we say here at Sun Horse Energy, don’t just survive, adapt and thrive!

One thought on “Three Things You Can Do to Avoid Stress

  1. Charlene Seager says:

    Wow this short article about avoiding stress really hit home for me,,,after being stressed in my own household tonight by my visiting family member,,,,i have decided,,,that i do not have to bear thru this,,,,If a adult people can not act in a sensitive loving way,,,it is best for them to move on,,,,reading this was just what i needed to take control of my life and my personal space,,,,part of doing this means one must take what our bodies need in order to “see thru” unnecessary stress and edit ,,,literally OUT that which we can eliminate in our lives,,,,,thank you for your SUN Protect and Thrivagen and the willingness to share what you know to help me while I am walking on the face of this earth. We started out in a garden,,,now i just need to reach out and use what the Earth has to offer us in order to try and maintain Balance. Thank you again Sun Horse and the Team that keeps us all thriving,,,,aloha from Kauai

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