It doesn’t matter how many hours you sleep or how many cups of coffee you drink. You’re always tired. Chronically feeling like you could go back to bed might be common these days. But it’s not normal. So if you’re asking yourself, “Why am I always so tired?” read on….

The straight-up answer to “Why am I so tired?”:  your hormones are out of whack.

Why are your hormones out of whack?


Stress comes in all varieties and can wreak havoc on your hormones. Your body has dozens and dozens of hormones. These hormones are chemical messengers that play various roles such as regulating metabolism and blood pressure and sexual function, just to name a few.

Many people think that going to a gym and running on a treadmill can alleviate stress. But doing the wrong type of exercise in the wrong environment can be stressful to the body.

If your life is stressful and you have chronic fatigue, the best form of exercise to reduce stress is to be outside in nature (without your phone or any other electronic distractions). Walk/hike for 45-60 minutes or longer.

Yoga, tai-chi, qigong and other ancient moving meditation techniques are also great for reducing stress.

If you’re stressed out and always tired doing boot camp workouts and going to the gym can actually be stressful to the body. High intensity workouts flood the body with cortisol, the so-called ‘stress hormone.’

It’s a good thing, physiologically, that we have cortisol. We have glands on top of our kidneys that produce the ‘fight or flight’ hormone, adrenaline. If we’re being chased by a pack of wild dogs, our body’s tissues and bloodstream gets flooded with adrenaline, so we can escape with our lives.

But constant stress also produces an incessant need for cortisol to course through the bloodstream. Cortisol is a physiological response to continued stress. You can think of it as a backup stress coping mechanism to adrenaline.

If you have a nagging lover’s quarrel or frequent spats with your boss, the steady stream of cortisol disrupts normal hormone activity.

That’s why your hormones are out of whack. And when hormones are out of whack, sleep cycles are disrupted. Your body is in a state of constant stress. Doing 100 squats followed by 100 ‘burpees’ at the local Crossfit gym is not going to bring you back to balance.

Stress is stress. Your body does not say to itself, “Even though my heart is pounding, I’m getting in better shape. I’m exercising. This is good for me.”

Nope. Your body is undergoing stress and could care less that you are doing 50 clean & jerks in under a minute. You might as well be running from a pack of wild animals.

So if you’re constantly stressed, get out in nature as often as you can and go for a very long walk. It’s extremely therapeutic and beneficial for stress management. Skip the extreme workouts , ditch the headphones and smartphones and refrain from 105-degree hot yoga classes. (Although people swear by it and get addicted to hot yoga, feeling like your head is going to literally catch on fire is stressful to the body.)

Human physiology is a very complex, some would say ‘miraculous’ set of processes and Sun Horse Energy’s founder, Dan Moriarty, can break down in elaborate detail what exactly goes on in the body when undergoing stress, both acute and chronic.

He can also explain how adaptogenic herbs can help heal the body at the cellular level. When your cells get supplied with adequate nutrition, your hormonal pathways and processes can be restored back to what should truly be considered normal: a daily superior state of well-being.

Lifestyle choices such as eating junk food and smoking and excessive alcohol and drug abuse, of course, can cause adrenal and cortisol, and other hormonal dysfunctions.

When you’re constantly under stress, your body has to work harder and harder to produce cortisol. When that happens, other hormones are ‘robbed’ from your body to help you cope with constant stress.

Think of it like a cheerleading pyramid. If one smartphone-addicted cheerleader checks an incoming text during the pyramid, the whole pyramid collapses. Your hormones follow a metabolic flow-chart. And if one hormone is acting up, the whole endocrine system (which produces hormones) can be compromised.

Getting out in nature and nourishing your body’s cells with adaptogenic herbs are two easy ways to reduce stress so you can feel more energetic. And get to bed by 10 p.m. and turn off all electronics for a more restful sleep.

What other ways do you recommend getting rid of stress? Let us know by commenting….

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