What Are Adaptogens & What Can They Do For You

Why are adaptogens good for you? Before answering that, answer the following: what do you usually reach for when you’re thirsty or need an energy pick-me-up? If you’re like the average American on the Standard American Diet (SAD; an appropriate acronym!), chances are you’re chugging lots of coffee, soda and artificial energy drinks. But if you really want a healthy drink, adaptogenic elixirs can give you lots of energy … without the jitters.

Adaptogens, in fact, have been clinically proven to produce several positive health effects, in addition to increased energy. More on that soon….

But first, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients contained in one popular name-brand energy drink (brand name withheld):

  • sodium benzoate (a preservative)

  • potassium sorbate (a preservative)

  • artificial flavors

  • over 60 grams of sugar per serving

Sodium benzoate, despite being labeled ‘safe for consumption’ by the FDA, is in fact a carcinogen.

By comparison, Sun Horse Energy Adaptogenic Elixir contains no preservatives (no carcinogens and nothing artificial). It contains some of the most powerful antioxidants and superfood ingredients on the planet, such as Himalayan goji berry, acai berry, peruvian maca, ginseng, reishi mushroom, guarana, and more.

Are adaptogens the same as antioxidants? What can they do for me?

No, adaptogens are not the same as antioxidants.

Adaptogens’ main function is to prevent imbalances in the body when stress occurs. Two out of every three illnesses are attributable to stress, estimates the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Although modern society by and large is no longer chased by large prey, stress is stress. Adaptogenic substances found in nature have helped both the paleolithic caveman in rebalancing the body after fleeing a lion; the 21st century mom chauffeuring her kids to school, soccer practice, and having to make dinner and clean every night also benefits from adaptogens.

Adaptogens are natural, primal immune system defenders. They were first medically researched by Soviet scientists to find ways to enhance the productivity and performance of soldiers, athletes, and workers without using dangerous stimulants. Consuming the right amount of antioxidants is needed to stave off disease, but antioxidants are not natural performance-enhancing nutrients necessarily.

While some adaptogens may have antioxidant activity, having antioxidant properties (ex: Green Tea) is not enough to make a substance an adaptogen.

Adaptogens have the following characteristics … they:

  • normalize function(s) of several systems in the body, and by extension, several organs at the same time; adaptogens help maintain homeostasis / balance in the body

  • modulate our response to stress (physical, environmental, or emotional)

  • help regulate the interconnected endocrine, immune, and nervous systems.

  • act as anti inflammatory and antidepressant agents.

  • maintain vaccine-like properties, priming cells to more effectively respond to stress; adaptogens protect the mitochondria in the DNA from stress-induced damage.

OK. I get it. Adaptogens are great for you. But what’s an ’elixir’?

An elixir can simply be considered a health drink, one that is naturally-sweetened. Though there is no true definition of an elixir, and certainly not one regulated nor defined by the FDA, elixirs have been around for centuries, going back for at least as long as the foundation of the ancient Greek / Hellenistic epoch.

Sun Horse Energy’s formulas combine all natural ingredients. A blend of powerful adaptogenic extracts with antioxidants, phyto and micro-nutrients made in a balanced way for a powerful tool to use in your daily life..

Those of who have consistently used Sun Horse Energy have emailed us, reporting that they have experienced the following improvements:

  • better mental focus

  • less anxiety

  • more rested / deeper sleep

  • balanced mood, energy and overall feeling of well-being

  • increased stamina, strength and resistance, and other benefits.

If stress has the best of you, don’t feel alone. It’s nearly impossible to have a distress-free life. But it’s how you manage it that’s key. Meditation, exercise, healthy eating and Sun Horse Energy’s Adaptogenic Formulas can help.


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