Why Do I Have No Sex Drive? (For Men Only)

Lowered libido making you feel emasculated? Don’t have any sex drive as of late? Don’t worry. You’re not less manly if all of a sudden your sex drive has taken a nose dive. But most likely, your loss of sexual desire has been more gradual.

The one-word most-likely culprit for your lack of sex drive: stress.

Drink too much alcohol? Take recreational drugs? Eat too much sugar or junk food? Smoke?

These poor lifestyle choices are stressful to the body and may affect libido levels.

Some people might counter that the main reason for low sex drive in men is low testosterone, not stress.

But low testosterone is a symptom of stress. Stress can cause low testosterone in men.

When hormonal pathways are disrupted by constant “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system overload, testosterone production may plummet.

You can ask your doctor for a hormone panel test, specifically mentioning your desire to have your testosterone level tested. If the test comes back under 300 (ng/dl), your doctor may conclude that your testosterone levels are indeed low.

But what your doctor may not tell you is how stress, in all its forms (emotional; financial; physical) can affect testosterone levels.

You see, when you’re ‘stressed out’ your body uses more of the hormone ‘pregnenolone’ to help the body cope with stress. Pregnenolone is a precursor to your sex hormones, including testosterone. When pregnenolone is “stolen” or “shifted” from its usual metabolic highway, less testosterone is produced.

This is an extremely simplistic view of human physiology but it should help paint the picture for you of what’s going on with your lowered desire to have sex.

If you’re constantly worried about paying your bills, or having arguments with coworkers or your spouse, or habitually having a few drinks at night to settle the nerves, these constant sources of stress are flooding your body with the stress hormone, cortisol. Pregnenolone is also diverted from its natural pathway of being metabolized into sex hormones to assist cortisol with your constant bombardment of stress.

So how can you make sure your body is producing as much testosterone as possible?

Stress management techniques are a must for your emotional well being. In a recent blog, we mention spending at least 45 minutes a day walking in a beautiful natural setting, preferably a green open space. Power off your phone and any other devices. Yoga, meditation, tai-chi and qigong are also excellent ways to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (this will quiet down your body’s overstimulated ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic nervous system).

All-natural herbal elixirs such as Sun Horse Energy can help reset hormonal pathways.

Eating a clean diet is also critical for a healthy sex drive. Start reading food labels. Do not buy foods with more than a few ingredients and have added sugar (or syrups, honey, etc.). Conditions such as prediabetes and diabetes can impair blood flow to the sexual organs.

Repeated bouts of erectile dysfunction may cause depression and lowered libido. Make sure you’re getting enough exercise, but not too much. Excessive exercise is stressful to the body and may make one too tired for sexual stimulation (your body will want to be in recovery mode, not love-making mode).

Getting enough blood flowing through the body is critical for sustained libido. That’s why daily long walks or the other forms of moving meditation mentioned above are recommended for sustaining a healthy libido.

Clinical depression must be treated with psychological methodologies. If you take certain medications such as beta blockers, they may negatively affect blood flow to the organs, and thus inhibit sexual performance and desire.

If you have low libido and would like to speak to Sun Horse Energy founder Dan Moriarty, do not hesitate to contact us.

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