thestoryDo you need Sun Horse Adaptogenic Elixir?   Consider this:  The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates that 2/3 of all office visits are for stress-related complaints,  yet stress itself is not an illness!   It is simply a fact of life.  Over the millenia the stressors have changed but human physiology has remained the same.

Native cultures have traditionally used adaptogenic herbs to prevent imbalances that can result from stress,  regardless of the source,  and therefore prevent or minimize disease and enable them to adapt to their unique environmental circumstances.

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theresearch Sun Horse Energy ‘ Adaptogenic Elixir ‘ is the result of 8 years of observation and research on the world’s most naturally vibrant and amazing cultures from 3 continents and vastly different environments yet all sharing one essential commonality.

What could it be you ask?

All of them use adaptogenic botanicals in their daily diet!   These people have all adapted to their unique environments and actually thrive in conditions that would challenge virtually any outsider.

True,  all of these cultures are facing serious threats from factors related to encroachment,  exploitation and destruction of the natural world by modern society.   Never the less these people have given us the Sun Horse to help carry us toward a much healthier,  happier  more connected life.


theresultsAs modern people we may not need to run 75 miles in a day or be capable of hard physical exertion at above 18,000 ft. MSL   or to be continuously exposed to tropical jungle flora,  fauna,  pathogens and parasites.

Yet quite possibly we need the power of Sun Horse Energy’s powerful combination of adaptogens,  nutrients,  and anti-oxidents more than ever before!

Learn how Sun Horse Energy’s combination of adaptogens,  antioxidants and nutrients can help you feel better,  which may enable you be more active and healthy!



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