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global resonance formulation
We make powerful adaptogenic formulas that will aid your body systems to work in harmony efficiently for a more robust immune system and high energy output.
Ultimate Energy

Formulated to be the most bio-available for immediate energetic action to every cell in your body.


Our body systems need balance for a healthy immune system. Give Sun Horse Energy a chance to get you back on track with a healthy metabolism.

Kava Lift

Got Anxiety? Try Kava Lift. It works instantly, and won’t slow down your reaction time. Cut the anxious edge and take on the day in a much better mood.


We infuse only the highest quality, adaptogenic herbs into our formulas. No synthetic or artificial ingredients. No fillers. All ingredients organic or wild-harvested.

Bulgarian Tribulus

Amazing Food For Your Cells In Every Bottle.

Goji Berry


Our customers Love That Feeling Of Thriving Instead Of Just Surviving. Step it up a bit, try Sun Horse Energy’s Ultimate Energy for a start. It’s our flagship formula that has nothing but value inside. These formulas are a powerful tool for whatever life throws at you, and we always offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back’.

Global Resonance Formulation

Try Sun Horse Energy’s Formulas & Feel The Difference

At Sun Horse, your health and wellness is our top priority. Try one of our formulas everyday for 30 days and if you don’t feel a difference, it’s on us!
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