Brian Bowen

I’ve always been active. Whether that’s playing rugby, football, or baseball, to backpacking, CrossFit, and Obstacle/Mud Races. I also serve in the Air National Guard (12 years active duty Air Force, currently part-time in the Air Guard). Combine those types of activities, add my two young sons, and you’ve got a recipe for exhaustion! I take care of my body and mind…I eat healthily and exercise regularly. But, there was always a missing piece: sustained energy and mood. I’ve always prided myself of in starting each day with a positive attitude; however, we’re all human, and sometimes we need something to help balance ourselves. Enter Sun Horse Energy! After a couple of weeks of consistently supplementing with Sun Horse Energy (Ultimate Energy), I found that my energy levels and mood had increased…and in a good way! I didn’t feel that mid-afternoon “drag or drop” in energy. Instead, I felt just as productive as I did at 9:00 am (my energy peak time). Also – and I cannot seem to pinpoint it – I found that my aura remained balanced and calm. Small things, that in the past, may have gotten to me at the end of a long day, just didn’t get under my skin. I now feel that I can deal with stressors in a more constructive and critically-thinking way. And…not sure if this is a positive side e­ect of Sun Horse Energy, but my libido has seemed to increase (much to the pleasure of my wife)!  Thanks, Sun Horse Energy, for helping me stay balanced, happy, and energized! – Brian Bowen

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