Loren Connett

Hey Sun Horse Team! I am a Personal Trainer and Owner of PNW GST, a GymnasticBodies Affliate based out of Corvallis Oregon. My lifestyle includes: Gymnastic Strength Training, Trail running, Acrobatics, Partner Yoga, Rock-climbing and well what ever I have time for after that! Eating and sourcing all local foods form Denison Farm one of Corvallis’s largest Organic Farms. To sum up my life style trying to balance Mind, Body and Spirit on the daily. My Testimonial: I consider myself a BioHacker. I don’t want to waste my time or money, but I firmly realize that time is the valuable one of the two so if I can find a way to make that time better I’m all in, what good is money if your sick or dead? I had heard about adaptogens some years back and then they fell into the not important enough to do anything with pile. Some time later they popped back on my radar while listening to a Bullet Proof podcast. I did my research, when I get something I want the best and after 1 podcast, 3 scholarly articles, countless blogs and youtube videos it was time to try SUN HORSE! At the time that I started using the mojo, from Sun Horse I was a Sr. at Oregon State University working two jobs, working out 6 days a week, and trying to find time to cook all my meals and socialize… Loads of stress, not bad stress but stress none the less. I knew that I was already taking measures to stay on top of my game so I was skeptical whether or not I would feel an effect from the mojo! Long story short I did. With three rounds of finals a year I am well versed in how my body processes the stress from crunch time I normally have to dial back my workouts, but not this time. I hit my first finals week about one and a half weeks into taking the mojo, and things just flowed. Thoughts came easy, and I felt less fatigued for my workouts! The word for describing it is written right on the box it comes in THRIVE. How it felt, its not as load as say coffee but its more of a lingering surety, imagine if you where to give your body a tool to use that made functioning a bit easier for it. Which biologically is basically whats happening, your giving your cells a way to adapt to stressors better. I just wanted to share my experience with Sun Horse if anyone is thinking about taking the next step in preforming better and making the most of this brain and body I definitely recommend Mojo 8.5. Oh and it tastes great:).

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