I have two high school daughters and i have been a Creative Director for digital media for the past 25 yrs. Between may daughters’ school and sports activities, doing the books for my husband’s work, my own work and my need for physical activity whether it is rock climbing, cycling or running, I am extremely busy. I have always been very athletic and fit, and when peri-menopause hit, my life became a series of uncomfortable day time hot flashes, and night sweats that were so extreme I would wake up each night drenched. My energy level plummeted because I was waking up several times a night. The doctor recommended I take estrogen, but it was very expensive and I was not keen on taking a synthetic hormone. I had heard about Adaptogenic herbs so started researching and came across Thrivagen. I have been taking Thrivagen for 3 months and after about a month I started to notice many of my symptoms of low estrogen–hot flashes and night sweats—had subsided quite a bit, I had more energy and my mood was much more stable. I now have the energy to keep up with my girls and do the physical activities I love. I am happy to continue to use Thrivagen to keep my hormones (and everything else) balanced without the use of synthetic drugs. – T.

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