Genelle Cimental

I began taking Sun Horse Energy Elixir in Oct/Nov. Over the last 6 months it has affected me in some ways I did not expect. I did begin to feel much better not long after I began taking it daily. I take it at night since it seems to help me sleep, which is exactly what my body needed in that sleep was an issue for me and I had very little energy or strength, so sleep was vital.

It also helped me to make other changes to benefit my health.  For instance I started thinking more clearly. One unexpected benefit that I noticed was that it caused my hair and nails to become very healthy and grow rapidly and helped my skin! With these and other changes, I am beginning to feel like my life can be what it once was. I do not feel like my life is over any more, which I was beginning to think it was. – Genelle Cimental

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