James Hird, age 63

“Sun Horse ‘Softened’ the Effect of Nerve Damage Caused by Shingles”

I had Shingles when I began taking Sun Horse Energy Elixir. That was, in fact, the reason I decided to try it. My wife had heard of others who felt energized by the drink. Additionally, they had also talked about various beneficial effects that they were experiencing, So we reasoned that it couldn’t hurt to try it. My Shingles lasted about two weeks, at least the surface rash. Perhaps because of the Sun Horse, I never really felt the prolonged pain people talk about in connection with Shingles. I experienced plenty of stabbing pains in my left shoulder and a persistent pain in my neck, but that was gone within the week. It may be that the Sun Horse ‘softened’ the effect of the nerve damage caused by Shingles.

Compared to all the other Shingles stories I’ve heard or read about, mine seemed mild by comparison, both in the size of the area covered by the rash and in duration and intensity. During the time I was taking Sun Horse, I didn’t notice any ‘miraculous’ surge in energy, but I did feel like being more physically active. Also, I think it helped me to be more alert mentally – that is to say, my ability to learn new things, such as a song on guitar, seemed to ‘perk up’. I had no negative reaction in any way to the Sun Horse. My overall impression is that it is very helpful.

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