Lili Rodriguez

Despite Congestive Heart Disease, Can Now Comfortably Walk Stairs “Without Huffing & Puffing!”

I will be 67 years old in November. I’ve been taking Sun Horse energy drink for a year now. Just last year, my congestive heart disease was so serious I was writing my will because I didn’t think I would last the week. Now I feel like I used to a decade ago: I have energy again and I never feel sick. Last year my cardiologist told me to avoid stairs. I had to avoid walking up any incline too. Just walking a block would make me so weak and out of breath that I felt like a heart attack was imminent. Now I comfortably walk uphill and upstairs with no huffing & puffing or heart palpitations, and my husband and I enjoy taking walks through the countryside including up and down steep hills (with a few appropriate rests along the way.)

For the last two years, because of macular degeneration, my vision has been too poor for me to drive. Now my eyesight has improved so much that I hope to be driving my car again by next year. Because of the Federal government’s budget cuts, I had been terrified that I might lose Medi-Cal which I felt had been my lifeline the last couple of years, but now I have confidence that in the future I could even live without medical care as long as I continue to take my Sun Horse Energy drink. I feel I might even be up to going back to work in my former career again. Thank you Sun Horse Energy group and especially thank you Micaela (my granddaughter) who has been lovingly and faithfully shipping Sun Horse Energy to me every month.

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